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Dr. Yi Ren

Brief Biography:

Dr. Yi is an experienced research executive and researcher with a keen interest in the effective management of higher degree research processes. He has been working in higher education for more than 15 years, including positions at the University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, Victoria University and the University of Southern Queensland.

Dr. Yi is actively involved with the research management profession. He is currently President Elect of the Australasian Research Management Society and is an active member of the International Network of Research Management Societies. He has also been appointed to different research management committees by the Australia Research Council and by Universities Australia.

In 2009, Ren was awarded an Australian Endeavour Executive Award by Deputy Prime Minister Hon Julia Gillard. In the same year he won an Award for Excellence from the Australasian Research Management Society for embedding research administration in a regional university.

He has extensive experience as a researcher, completing a Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne in economic geography and international business in 2004. He currently holds an Australia Research Council grant focusing on international business and economic geography. Dr. Yi is currently a reviewer for the Academy of International Business and Australian Research Council.


Title of the Lecture:

International Research Collaboration Management and Internationalization of Research



It is often said that entwined in every successful global economy is a strong university system. In a similar vein, I believe that the engine room of every successful university is a quality research training program. Over the past decade, Macquarie University has firmly established itself as the Australian leader in research training on two core and unequivocal fronts. MQ International Research Training Partnerships (IRTP) Framework seeks to ensure MQ continue to lead as we expand our international research training programs with a particular and deliberate focus on quality across four perspectives; candidates, programs, collaborating university partners and funding sources. Major changes include the internationalisation of our PhD programs through the Cotutelle and joint PhD schemes, an increasing focus on strategic partnerships with international funding agencies, and the introduction of the Master of Research (MRes) as the main pathway to a PhD.

Macquarie’s global perspective is central to the development of an International Research Training Partnerships Framework. Deep, durable relationships with international research universities through joint research candidate supervision is a significant priority for the Research portfolio and a core component of our broader strategy to strengthen collaborative partnerships globally.



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