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Dr. Bagher Larijani

Brief Biography:


Professor Larijani completed his primary medical training at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1987. He continued his education in the field of internal medicine at the same university where he ultimately completed his clinical training and graduated as an endocrinologist in 1993. Subsequently, Dr. Larijani obtained several international qualifications such as Fellowship American Collage of Endocrinology (F.A.C.E.).

He is currently a Professor of Endocrinology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and holds several national and international responsibilities. Dr. Larijani is Deputy Minister of Medical Education, founding Director-General and Chief scientific officer of Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute, and Acting Director of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Research Center amongst other responsibilities. He also contributes to the Lancet Commission on Obesity as a commissioner.

In April 2017, his citations exceeded 15492 with 414 Pubmed articles and an h-index equal to 58. Professor Larijani is ranked the 2nd in terms of citations to his medical ethics articles in Google Scholar and his fields of interest include diabetes, osteoporosis, and medical ethics.


Title of the Lecture:

World Class Level of Higher Education in Medical Sciences: Tracking an Academic Evolution Way



International scientific collaboration and networking play a key role in promotion of the quality of medical education. However, internationalization of medical education is a formidable task and there are several barriers are to overcome for implementation of an efficient international medical education system. Having realized these barriers, Iranian policy makers are determined to enhance human development index of the nation by means of promotion of knowledge-based decision making to secure economic and social progress of the country.

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly officially adopted a “universal, integrated and transformative” 2030 Agenda to ensure sustainable development. Sustainable development is a process for meeting human development goals; and, in this regard, sustainability of higher education is of a singular importance.

Medical Scientific outputs disseminate new knowledge, which can act as the central axis of development and prosperity contributing to the solution of significant health problems. In recent decades, our country struggle to be accepted as succeed county in knowledge production. We experienced more than fourfold growth in the number of medical sciences universities during three decades and consequently, the number of medical sciences students has increased three fold.

The global competition between universities in quality and quantity revealed their potentials regards to international collaboration. Iran has experienced remarkable progress in this area. According to Scopus database, Iran has achieved the 16th global rank in the number of documents and 23th rank in the number of Citations for all science. One third of scientific publication in Iran is related to Medical sciences and in Middle East and North Africa, Iran state in the third position for citation in medicine area.

Iran has achieved the 25th rank in terms of the number of hot papers, and 36th rank in number of top papers in the world. In both ranking, clinical medicine state in the first position between different subject areas. The growth of highly cited papers in medical subjects and the role of Iranian scientist in these papers provide the base of international collaborations.

Currently, internationalization of medical education is one of the primary objectives of the system and different plans such as joint degree programs, student and staff exchange contracts, and networking are being formulated by the Ministry to ensure a smooth transition to a global model of medical education.



Internationalization; Medical Sciences; Higher Education;



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