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Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani

Brief Biography:


Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani a member of the Department of Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Music, University College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran (UT). He studied his B.A in Radio and Television at San Francisco State University (1986) where he finished his M.A in the same field (1993). Dr. Ghahramani continued his PhD in Theatre and Film at Birmingham Young university.

Dr. Ghahramani has directed and co-directed films and plays. He is the author of numerous publications. He also has a good sense of leadership. He has been the vice-president of Institute for North American and European Studies, Dean of the School of Performing Arts and Music of UT. Currently, He is the Vice President for International Affairs of UT.

Title of the Lecture:

Mobility and Cross-Cultural Understanding



University of Tehran (UT) has a rich experience in its exchange programs and this has enabled UT to give a new vision to people of both host and home countries. This lecture will focus on mobility and cross cultural understanding with a view on UT’s status. The mobility is taking place from UT and to UT. We face a number of challenges in this internationalization phase that is a continuing process during which we have to safeguard our traditional national education system in a globalization atmosphere of this current age. It is inevitable that people from diverse cultures would meet, may blend together or might get into a conflict of ideas or emotions. How do we view the incoming population from abroad and what do we expect of them and of ourselves and what is it that might or should we suspect that is expected from us? The lecture would stress our view of humanity in general and how that would help us achieve an anchor to balance the seeming rocking atmosphere of our university with.



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