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Final Form for Planned Trips
Name : Fatemeh
Surname : Noughani
Position : Associate professor
School/Research Center : School of Nursing and Midwifery
E-mail :
Phone No. : +98 21 61054306
Subject(s) of your planned Trip : Planned visiting of psychiatric mental health nursing systems in education and clinical services
From : Sunday, November 26, 2017
To : Saturday, December 2, 2017
Name of Destination University : Oslo and Akershus University HAN university GGZ University RocTop University De Bramberg Hospital Oslo Hospital
Name of Destination Country : Norway
Report of Planned Trip : The visiting tour was planned by psychiatric mental health nursing department in school of nursing and midwifery of TUMS. The members of visiting team were the dean of school, Dr Mohammadali cheraghi, and the vice dean for international affair, Dr Alireza Nikbakht, the head of PMHN department, Dr Fatemeh Noughani, and two department faculty members, Dr Taraneh Taghavi and Dr Fataneh Ghadirian. The Norway structure in psychiatric mental health care nursing (PMHN) in education and clinic and community services were visited during 2 days from 27 Nov 2017 to 29 Nov 2017. Their education was based on problem solving paradigm and they work team based and multidisciplinary in education and practice. One of the most important things in their mental health services was having regional psychiatric centers that these centers manage the mental health problems in defined regions all over the country. In Netherland, during 30 Nov 2017 to 2 Dec 2017, we visited the three university and colleges in Nijmegen and Amsterdam at bachelor, intermediate and master level in PMHN education. Also, we visit De Bramberge hospital; it is an acute psychiatric hospital and manages the emergency cases. In Netherlands, there were ambulatory centers to manage community mental health problems. In these centers, the professional teams work interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary. These centers acts as intersector parts to shaping a effective coordinated system with focusing on home care.
Achievements of Trips in Faculty/Center : Set collaborative agreement for joint programs in education and research in PMHN