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TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Jafarian, Opines on the Internationalization of Higher Education in Iran

Following the Second Meeting on Internationalization of Medical Universities in Iran: Opportunities and Challenges, the TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Jafarian, kindly found time to have a brief talk with our reporter, Shabnam Nikkhoo, from the Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs.
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Expressing his personal view concerning the concept of internationalization of higher education, Dr. Jafarian stated that this concept “is a good way to go forward to get higher standards [and] to achieve some new fields of education.” He also stated that in order to establish international interactions with other countries, to recruit international students, and promote faculty and student mobility, TUMS is bound to have better standards on the inside. According to Dr. Jafarian, TUMS should be able to upgrade its system into a standardized administration.


In response to our reporter’s question regarding the single most important area on which TUMS must focus regarding the realization of internationalization of higher education, Dr. Jafarian explained that “the first step is making communication with other people,” such as neighboring countries, those in the Mediterranean region, and, afterwards, other countries outside the immediate surrounding regions. The next step, according to the TUMS Chancellor, is to adapt our standards of education based on the needs and wants of the countries and people whom we are going to educate. “We have to accept people and students from all these countries and educate them as they want to be when they go back to their home,” said Dr. Jafarian.


Regarding the necessary strategies for international student recruitment, Dr. Jafarian referred to the current practices of TUMS which include International Marketing and Recruitment Agents whom are tasked with providing vital information to prospective students and help them with their application processes, as well as advertising the university’s potentials and abilities. Dr. Jafarian also emphasized the importance of the necessary facilities and services for international students who are going to become a part of TUMS’s student population. Eventually, as the Chancellor stated, it takes time for people to notice the efforts and achievements of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


At the end, sharing with us his thoughts regarding the fulfillment of his expectations, Dr. Jafarian indicated that it is too early to judge since what TUMS has been pursuing is a brand new experience in Iran and requires a certain amount of time to bear fruit. Nonetheless, he expressed hope that, at a certain point in time, TUMS will be able to host a considerable number of international students.


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