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TUMS International Day: A Day of Diverse Uniformity

TUMS International Day of March 5 is finally upon us, and in line with this event, TUMS held a celebratory event on March 1 to honor this day.

Following in last year’s footsteps, our TUMS international students and numerous academic and administrative members came together at TUMS National Museum of Medical Sciences History to celebrate the university’s international day, simultaneously welcoming the Iranian New Year which is just around the corner.


The program of the day which started minutes before 9 a.m. included live traditional Iranian music, a symbolic miniature teahouse, visits to the TUMS National Museum of Medical Sciences History, and, most importantly, the TUMS International Students Exhibition, in which TUMS students from various countries put on display various aspects and items belonging to their home countries.









Present on this joyous occasion were honorable ambassadors and diplomatic guests from different embassies, TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Jafarian, TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Arabkheradmand, Director General of the Department for Iranian Nationals Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sajjadi, various respected individuals from the three Ministries of ‘Foreign Affairs’, ‘Health and Medical Education’, and ‘Science, Research and Technology’, as well as key figures from different Iranian universities, plus deans, vice-deans and numerous faculty members from all eleven TUMS schools.


For about an hour starting from 10:30 a.m., Dr. Jafarian and Dr. Arakheradmand officially greeted their guests from the embassies. 









All guests were later led to a hall at the back of the museum building for a few short speeches from Dr. Arabkheradmand, a TUMS Students’ Representative, Ms. Namra Irshad from Pakistan, Mr. Sajjadi and Dr. Jafarian. Also speaking at this brief assembly, as per their own request, were the Medical Attaché to the Embassy of Iraq and the Acting Ambassador of Nigeria.





With the speeches over, as the ending of the entire event, the TUMS International Day 2015 custom postage stamp and the TUMS Students Testimonial Book were unveiled and later signed by Dr. Jafarian, Dr. Arabkheradmand, Mr. Sajjadi, as well as various guests.






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