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TUMS International Day 2017 Ceremony Commenced

On Monday, March 6, 2017, this year’s two-day TUMS International Day celebration event commenced on the site of TUMS School of Medicine.



The annual TUMS International Day ceremony commenced on Monday, March 6, 2017. The ceremony, held at Avicenna Hall at TUMS School of Medicine saw, as is tradition, the presence of different ambassadors, government officials, TUMS faculty members and students, and well as high-ranking TUMS officials including TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Jafarian and TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies, Dr. Arabkheradmand.


The first part of the event, held after the reception of the honorable ambassadors, included four speeches delivered by Dr. Arabkheradmand; Dr. Jafarian; Dr. Biniaz, Director of Strategic Bureau of Economic Relations; and Dr. Kharazi, former Foreign Minister and current Head of I.R. Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations.


During the first part, the TUMS Students Choir, consisting of TUMS student Persian learners at the university’s International College performed a well-known Persian traditional song, and the TUMS Photo Album of 2011-2016 was unveiled.


With the first half of the ceremony concluded, all guests were directed to the south side of TUMS School of Medicine to open the TUMS International Day Exhibition, formed by a total of 51 stalls given to different countries, TUMS schools, and other organizations such as charities or Iran’s Department of Environment. The stalls were used to showcase students’ home countries and their life experience in Iran or present a school’s scientific advances, facilities, faculty members, etc. On the sidelines of the exhibition, in a notable instance of cultural understanding and harmony, a student stall, which briefly presented audiovisual material which contradicted university, national and religious values, was requested to remove the material, to which demand they fully and respectfully abided, and the order and quality of the exhibition was upheld.


We would like to convey our sincere apologies to everyone who have been annoyed or upset by this incident.


The TUMS International Day Exhibition became an outstanding display of diversity and unity, bringing together numerous cultures, values, nations, and languages. For a period of 8 hours, students actively engaged in exchanging cultures, promoting friendship and transcending social obstacles, getting to know each other as well as becoming familiar and close with their Iranian peers.



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