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World Health Summit October Programs

The World Health Summit (WHS), aiming to bring young, brilliant scientists and researchers to the center of medical and health activities, is holding a Startup Event and a scientific conference in October.


As stated by the World Health System (WHS):


"The New Voices in Global Health (NVGH) initiative promotes the active participation of young scientists in the World Health Summit (WHS). It is supported by the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies. It aims at empowering research, policy and advocacy initiatives among future leaders in Global Health, who are invited to send in abstracts of their scientific work and ideas. Selected participants will present their work at the WHS in October in Berlin. Abstracts will be published digitally."


Moreover, the WHS has conveyed the following regarding its 2017 Startup Track:


"At the World Health Summit (WHS), more than 1,600 stakeholders and decision-makers from over 80 countries and every field in the healthcare spectrum will work together to find solutions to global health challenges. The world’s foremost strategic forum for global health, it promotes thought leadership in science and advances global health agendas."


Please download the files below in order to find all necessary information regarding these two event.


The New Voices in Global Health (NVGH)

WHS Startup Track 2017



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