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Meeting between Chancellors of TUMS and Tampere University

TUMS Chancellor, Dr. Jafarian, and Chancellor of Tampere University had a meeting aimed to discuss development of academic collaborations and explore possible cooperation opportunities.


Dr. Lisaa Laakso, Chancellor of Tampere University, met with Dr. Jafarian, TUMS Chancellor, at TUMS headquarters on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. In this meeting, which took place with the presence of Dr. Arabkheradmand, TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Laakso introduced Tampere University, a well-known university in Finland with about 15,000 students and standing in the 501—600 range according to QS Universities Ranking System.


The Chancellor of Tampere University also added that Tampere University admits students for various levels, and there are majors which are taught in English. Dr. Laakso's contact with TUMS since joint programs with TUMS School of Public Health and expressed her interest in more collaborations as the two universities are participants of Erasmus Plus program.


Dr. Jafarian, TUMS Chancellor, presented a brief review of TUMS history and comprehensively introduced the university, expresing interest to explore further possible grounds for cooperation with Tampere University.


He added that TUMS international activities have impressively increased and have led to developing international collaborations, an increasing number of international students, greater faculty member recruitment, and wider participation in international events and joint research projects. He also pointed to the 10-year collaboration experience with scientific institutions in Finland and stated that grounds for scientific collaborations and interactions with European countries are favorable. According to Dr. Jafarian, TUMS is interested in having more collaborations with Tampere University in the Erasmus Plus program.


Courtesy of TUMS Public Relations (Reported by M. Vahidi)

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