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Dr. Jafarian Meets H.E. the Portuguese Ambassador

Dr. Jafarian met with H.E. the Ambassador of the Portuguese Republic with the aim of developing academic collaborations between the two countries.


This meeting was held on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, at TUMS Headquarters, and started with the Ambassador expressing gratitude for the invitation and interest in expanding collaborations with Tehran University of Medical Sciences, pointing to the fact that Portugal hosts some of the oldest universities in Europe, and it has great potential in terms of various higher education developments.


Next, Dr. Takian, Vice-Dean for International Affairs, TUMS School of Public Health, introduced and explained the relations between TUMS and the University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal, pointing to the fruitful meeting between Dr. Jafarian, TUMS Chancellor, and the Portuguese Minister of Health. Moreover, he explained that Dr. Fakhaar from Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex has been invited to the University of Coimbra as the first TUMS faculty member. The above-mentioned activities resulted in the invitation extended to the Embassy of Portugal in Tehran in order to discuss potential grounds for further cooperation between TUMS and Portuguese institutes of higher education.


After background relations between TUMS and Portuguese universities were explained, Dr. Jafarian introduced comprehensively the history of TUMS and its current status, revolving around academics, research capabilities, facilities and international affairs. Dr. Jafarian pointed to the fact that TUMS will be attending the 2018 WHS (World Health Summit) Regional Meeting at Coimbra and that the need to select TUMS Schools and faculties to attend is drawing near.


H.E. Joao Corte-Real, the Ambassador of the Portuguese Republic, thanked the TUMS Chancellor and stressed the fact that cooperation needs to be ongoing, not only between the countries and institutes but also between the people. He also stated that he will convey, to the Portuguese Ministers of Health and Foreign Affairs, the TUMS interest to attend and hold WHS meetings. Moreover, the ambassador expressed interest to visit the Iranian Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in the near future, and he emphasized the importance of a possible meeting between Iran and Portugal's Ministers of Health. 



Dr. Takian, in conclusion, mentioned that the two ministers will be at the WHS in 2017, which is a good opportunity for them to meet. He also mentioned that there is the possibility of establishing greater cooperation between Iran and Portugal at the governmental level, in addition to the institutional level. 


Reported by A. Rahimi Photos by M. Vahidi


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