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February 2018 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program in Kish Campus

TUMS first week schedule and necessary information for February 2018 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Students in Kish Campus


If you have received your visa number through TUMS recently, please make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible and email us your flight ticket at least one week prior to your arrival to set your arrival, registration, accommodation, and, of course, the Grouping (Scientific) test. It does not need to be mentioned that for those students who are accepted conditionally, the placement test is also included.

If you have not received your visa number yet, please be patient and avoid sending us repeated emails about your visa since we are actively following your case. When your visa gets ready, we will guide you on what to do next.


Important Dates



Recommended Arrival Time to Tehran

Till February 10, 2018

Registration in Tehran

 Till February 13, 2018

*Flight to Kish Island

 February 14, 2018

Grouping Test in Kish Island

 February 15, 2018

Persian Placement Test in Kish Island

 February 16, 2018

8:30 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.

English Placement Test in Kish Island

 February 16, 2018

02:00 p.m. onwards.

Welcome Day

 February 17, 2018

Commencement of the M.D. Program in Kish Island

 February 18, 2018


* TUMS will provide you with the first flight ticket from Tehran to Kish Island at the specified time period free of charge. At Kish Island, free transportation from the airport to the dormitory is provided as well.


Registration in Tehran


Your first arrival should be in Tehran, the capital. A TUMS representative receives you at the international airport upon your request.

Registration will take place at TUMS campus in Tehran.

As you are staying here in Tehran for registration before flying to Kish Island, you can stay at TUMS dormitories. A temporary dormitory is provided for you in Tehran. During that time, we will assist you to apply for your one-year residency permit. Afterward, you will fly to Kish Island. TUMS will provide you with this first flight from Tehran to Kish Island free of charge.

The Grouping test and English & Persian language placement tests will take place at TUMS campus in Kish Island.


Tests in Kish Island


After registration and before the beginning of the program, students are required to attend a grouping exam. The result of this exam will be utilized for grouping the students and deciding on the number of credits they are allowed to select for each semester. Also, some students might be required to pass some prerequisite courses in one or more subjects based on the result of this exam. The questions of this exam will be from 4 subjects of your Secondary and Higher Secondary School examinations (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics).


Class Venue


As you have been informed earlier, the first phase (Basic Science Phase) of your M.D. classes will be held in beautiful Kish Island, located to the south of mainland Iran. TUMS professors will fly from Tehran to Kish Island every week. You can find more information about Kish Island, the dormitory, and the classes on our website. After successfully finishing the Basic Science Phase, for your clinical phase, you will go back to Tehran for the rest of your studies.


Language of Instruction


The language of instruction in the first phase (Basic Science Phase) of your M.D. classes, which lasts around 2.5 to 3 years, is English, and, after successful completion of this period, the rest of the M.D. program (Clinical Phase) will be in the Persian language. During the first phase, students are required, and have enough time, to improve their knowledge of Persian, which is a must for a doctor to interact with local patients. TUMS will make the necessary arrangements of Persian language learning classes when you register at TUMS.

If your language proficiency is not high enough to attend M.D. classes, you will be required to pass at least one semester of English language classes before your program. This decision will be made based on the evaluation and the placement test by TUMS International College, as well as the decision of TUMS Office of International Admissions for International Students.

For more information regarding TUMS Intl. College, you may check this page.


Education Fee


The Education Fee for February 2018 M.D. students is 7,000 U.S. dollars a year. This fee for September 2018/February 2019 first-year students and onwards will be subject to change.

The detail of the expenses for the first year of your studies is as follows:


Annual Tuition Fee

U.S. Dollar




Only Once

First Transport from Airport in Tehran (upon request)


Only Once

Furnished Accommodation (upon request)


Every Year

Student’s Insurance (Health & Sport)


Every Year

Family Insurance (Health)


Per Person & Every Year

First Persian Language Placement Test (if necessary)



Persian Language Classes (if necessary & upon request)


180 Sessions

First English Language Placement Test (if necessary)



English Language Classes (if necessary & upon request)


124 Sessions

Education Fee for Your First-Year


First Year


*To start the program, you are required to provide us with IELTS 5.5 score or its equivalent in the TOEFL exam at the time of registration. Otherwise, attending Intensive English Classes will be necessary.

*Upon students’ request, retaking the placement test costs $50.

*You are required to pay for FAILED English & Persian language classes AGAIN.


TUMS facilities for you include:


* Free Wi-Fi connection at your dormitories;
* Use of library and computer labs (based on their hours of operation); and,
* Partial meal plan: During the Basic Science Phase at Kish Island, students are provided lunch by the University at a subsidized price. During their studies at Tehran, on working days (Saturday to Wednesday), and not the holidays and off days, students can have lunch in the school’s canteen at a subsidized price (less than a dollar). Breakfasts and dinners are not provided.

Note: Any changes and new information can be found on our website. Please follow us for any new information and updates at TUMS main website.

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