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TUMS Delegation at Kharkiv University

TUMS Delegation returned from their visit to Kharkiv University, Ukraine.


At a meeting on Monday, April 9, 2018, TUMS International Senior Advisor, Dr. Khami, briefly went over the history of collaborations with Khariv University and explained about the visit of TUMS School of Dentistry delegation who recently arrived from Ukraine. He stated that such visits are an excellent way to compare the universities I various aspects which also builds up the ground for future plans and collaborations.


In this visit, Kharkiv University suggested a two-year internship for their students in Iran at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Khami added, “Establishing joint degree programs with Kharkiv University is the next step which can increase the recruitment of Kharkiv students from Algeria, Iraq and Egypt." 



Courtesy of TUMS Public Relations Reported by M. Vahidi, Zohreh Sadeghi Photos by F. Zamani

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