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Students of Tehran (Girls) Adaptive and Intl. Educational Complex Tour TUMS

As part of the efforts to introduce TUMS and its educational and student welfare capacities to international audiences, a group of international students from Tehran (Girls) Adaptive and Intl. Educational Complex visited TUMS on tour of different university facilities.


On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, Tehran University of Medical Sciences was host to a group of high school students from Tehran (Girls) Adaptive and Intl. Educational Complex, together with a few parents, during a tour of the university that included a visit to TUMS School of Medicine, the university’s Chamran Sports Complex, and TUMS National Museum of Medical Sciences History. The students in this group came from Yemen, Turkey, Belgium, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Nepal, and Spain.




This tour, the first of its kind as a K-12 outreach introduction program for the university, commenced around 9:30 at TUMS School of Medicine, with Dr. Nima Rezaei, Vice-Dean for International Affairs, receiving the visitors at the entrance to Avicenna Hall. The visit to the School of Medicine included a presentation of the school, as the first and oldest TUMS school, as well as field visits to different parts of the school, namely, the Dissection Hall, and various laboratories.


Further on in the program, the tour party made a short trip to TUMS Chamran Sports Complex, the university’s central sports complex that houses a tennis court, a fully-equipped gym, and swimming pool, as well as other sports facilities and equipment. The students were given a tour of this complex, including the multi-purpose sports hall, soccer field, wrestling hall, and gymnasium.



As the final stop in this tour, TUMS international guests visited the National Museum of Medical Sciences History, the house to an intriguing part of Iran’s rich and ancient medical sciences history.


During this tour, which is hoped to be the first step in a routine monthly university visit program, the students were also given introductory presentations about TUMS as a whole, as well as EducationIRAN, the country’s centralized internationalization program.




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