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Shariati Hospital and Spinal Surgery Center of Bordeaux sign MoU

The Department of Neurosurgery at Shariati Hospital signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spinal Surgery Center of Bordeaux, France, in order to increase educational and research collaboration.



Dr. Morteza Faghih Juybari, a faculty member of the Department of Neurosurgery at Shariati Hospital, explained that following the collaboration with the University’s international affairs officials, a number of reputable, international scientific centers in the field of spinal cord surgery have been taken into consideration to work with, pointing out that the Spinal Surgery Center of Bordeaux, which was the first candidate for joint cooperation, was chosen and the initial communication began in April 2018.


Dr. Faghih Juybari added that negotiations with Professor Le Huec, the Head of the Bordeaux Spinal Surgery Center during a previous and a recent visit to explore this center’s facilities led to the signing of a two-year memorandum of understanding.


This faculty member stated that the exchange of assistants and students is one of the most important educational missions for the two sides. He also added: “Two projects are already being executed in the field of research.”


Dr. Faghih Juybari also expressed the interest of the head of the Spinal Surgery Center of Bordeaux to visit Shariati Hospital in order to examine the facilities and capabilities of the Neurosurgery Department and have direct interaction with the faculty members of the department.


In the end, he hoped that sharing these experiences would ultimately lead to an increased level of scientific knowledge for both sides and cause the launch of a new chapter in cooperation between the two countries.


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