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The Second USERN-TUMS Scientific Mini Talk in Kish Island

Students of TUMS International Campus in Kish Island conducted a second USERN-TUMS scientific mini talk on diabetes awareness and antibiotics resistance.



This event, which was held on the 21st November, 2018, was aimed at creating awareness among the students by giving them the opportunity to discuss scientifically relevant issues and inspire them to address these issues through conducting research.


Topics like antibiotics, their resistance and mechanism, herbal therapy, and diabetes were discussed at this event. The students additionally conducted a diabetes screening test in order to evaluate their risk of having diabetes. The students were also provided with the opportunity to measure their BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, and heart rate. Furthermore, a medical counselling was provided for the students based on the results of the screening test.


Dr. Nima Rezaei, the founder of USERN and the Vice-Dean for International Affairs of the School of Medicine, who was the guest lecturer at this event, introduced USERN to the students of TUMS International Campus in Kish Island for the first time. He also applauded the students for their commitment towards their education and encouraged them to keep up the good pace of their work.


At the end of this event, he gave certificates to all the students who organized the event and promised to support the students for future events of this kind.


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