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International Ceremonial and Etiquette Protocols Workshop takes place at TUMS Headquarters

The first round of this workshop was held on 30th December, 2018, for the officers and staff of TUMS and the second one will be held on 1st January, 2019.




Dr. Khalilzadeh, the Head of the Protocol School of Iran, was the lecturer of this workshop and provided the TUMS officers and staff with valuable pieces of information on etiquette protocols and ceremonial formalities. Dr. Shabani, the Director of International Affairs and Development, opened the workshop by highlighting the necessity of applying accepted rules of formality and etiquette in Iran and how crucial it is to respect protocols and good manners regarding national and international relations of the University. He also pointed out that there is much demand in all administrative bodies and organs throughout the country to obtain the required knowledge considering these protocols. 


Dr. Khalilzadeh started the discussions by underlining the basics of ceremonial protocols and continued by accentuating the importance of body language in human relations and how it can represent specific features of etiquette. The rules and ceremonial protocols in meetings, events, and diplomatic gatherings; receiving deputies from airports; and the functionality of protocols in management of international guest and embassy meetings were among the subjects discussed in the first part of this workshop.


After a short break, during which the participants were served formal tea and refreshments to get familiar with the rules of reception at international events, Dr. Khalilzadeh proceeded with introducing the decorum regarding handshakes, dress codes, official and non-official meetings, and the level of formality within administrative correspondence.



During the one-hour break set for lunch, the participants were presented with accurately managed table settings and were instructed principal internationally established table manners.


In the third and last part of this event, Dr. Khalilzadeh concluded the talk with rules of exchanging gifts on a formal level; exchanging business cards; protocols of MoU sessions; regulations regarding portraits of officials and installing flags; and diplomatic and consular regulative conventions.


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