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The Vice Dean for Educational Affairs of Ministry of Health and The Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences visited the Kish International Campus

Dr. Larijani and Dr.Karimi visited the Kish International Campus and had a brief meeting with international students.

Dr. Larijani, the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs of Ministry of Health, and Dr. Karimi, the Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences visited the Kish International Campus on April 29, 2019.

Dr. Karimi welcomed Dr. Larijani and mentioned: “ Welcome Back to the house you had a great part in building it.”

Dr. Karimi described the capacity of this campus for acceptance of international students and he hoped to increase the number of these students and facilitate their education.

International students talked about their problems with Dr. Larijani and Dr. Karimi.

Ahmad MAzid, a Lebanese student, thanked the university’s consideration and efforts and asked for decreasing the General Medicine Period and explained that:” Long-period doesn’t necessary means higher quality. “

Komeil Jafari, a Pakistani student and the representative of students of the third semester, pointed out: “ This university has honest and accurate professors and their method of teaching is impressive. But there is always some problems like long teaching period, long hour classes, exams in the Persian language, and small educational spaces.”

Dr. Bagher Larijani, the Vice Dean of Ministry of Health, thanked Dr. Karimi’s passion and efforts for the university and said: “ International education is a strategy in the educational field and based on that, many curriculums are changed to international ones and there has been goals and missions for the schools to persuade toward internationalization. “

He described the presence of international students worthwhile and explained: “ your presence, increase our responsibility and on the other hand we are responsible to solve your problems to enhance educational relationships with the world.”

“ About 3000 international students are in Iran and our aim is to increase this number, and in order to achieve it we have prepared many instructions.”

At the end, Elite international students in Educational and Cultural fields were awarded.

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