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Professor John Hamilton from the University of Newcastle, Australia Meets with TUMS Vice-chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA)

Upon a one-day meeting, Professor John Hamilton from University of Newcastle, Australia meets with TUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA) on and other GSIA authorities July 16, 2012, to build bilateral collaborations to assist TUMS in entering the accreditation process.


 Opening his speech with a welcome note, Dr. Ali Arabkherdmand expressed his gratitude to have Professor John Hamilton as an accreditation advisor and a leader in accreditation of medical schools in Australia and worldwide. The meeting aimed at understanding the accreditation process for medical schools around the world, understanding the accreditation process for medical universities in Australia, finding out steps to take for TUMS to enter the accreditation process, identifying recognized accreditation bodies working on medical sciences in the Middle East.


Being the first chairman of accreditation at the University of Newcastle, Professor Hamilton, who is a renowned medical educator, expressed his constructive experiences in accreditation in Australia. Additionally, Professor John Hamilton stated some of the important indexes in “Accreditation Process.” “The first step to start the “Accreditation Process” is to improve the accreditation system nationally”, Professor Hamilton noted.
The meeting ended after Group discussion on TUMS accreditation.


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