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Department of Intensive Care Nursing (Adult)



The Department of Intensive Care Nursing is in charge of teaching Bachelor’s level courses of nursing students and nurse training at Master’s level of Intensive Care Nursing. Teaching students is theoretically done at the School and clinically at medical centers associated with TUMS. The course credits offered to Master’s students amount to 32 and are as follows:

  • Basic courses, 9 credits
  • Specialized and internship courses, 19 credits
  • Dissertation, 4 credits


In addition to the above-mentioned courses, compensatory courses which students have to take are as follows:

  • Computer and Medical Information Systems, 1 credit
  • Statistics and Advanced Research Methods, 3 credits


The following is the list of basic, specialized, and internship courses:

  • An Introduction to Intensive Care Nursing
  • Nursing Care at ICUs
  • Advanced Nursing Monitoring
  • Pharmacology
  • General Issues in Organ Transplantation Nursing
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 1 (Respiratory System)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 2 (Cardiovascular System - Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 3 (Nervous System - Neurosurgery & Psychological Disorders)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 4 (Renal System & Urinary Tract - The Kidneys & Urinary Tract Surgery)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 5 (Endocrine System - Diseases of Obstetrics & Gynecology)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 6 (Gastrointestinal System - Abdominal & Pelvic Surgery)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 7 (Oncology & Blood - The Immune System & Infectious Diseases)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 8 (General Principles in Surgical Patients - The Intensive Care of Traumatic Injuries)
  • Specialized Intensive Care Nursing 9 (Vascular Surgery - Orthopedic)


The process of evaluating and approving students’ Master’s proposals is done in the Department’s Research Committee. The Department of Intensive Care Nursing cooperates with other nursing Schools in Tehran and other cities in research and education.


All interested applicants are welcome to apply to TUMS by completing and submitting TUMS online application form in which they need to specify their school, level, and major of interest.


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