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M.Sc. in Speech Therapy


School : Rehabilitation
Department : Speech Therapy
Curriculum : Download
Major : Speech Therapy
Level : Ms.C
Course Description : The Master of Science (MSc) degree in speech therapy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences was commenced in 1993. The duration of this level is 2 years. This is consisted of theoretical and research programs.
The goal of theoretical courses is developing competencies of students in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and management of articulation, language (developmental and acquired), fluency, voice disorders as well as Neuropsychology of language and so on.
The research programs are aimed at providing students with the basic research skills (Research Methods, Statistics, developing test, and Writing literature) required for the scientific study of normal and disordered processes in children and adults.
Although the MSc degree in speech-language pathology can prepare students for advanced doctoral studies.
Course Duration : 2 years


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