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Admission & Registration




1. Attending the language classes is obligatory since the beginning of your study at TUMS and all international and Iranian students are required to attend the classes on a regular basis.

2. In case the Office of Admissions specifies in one’s admission letter that taking the Persian or English courses or both is not obligatory, he or she is not required to attend the classes.

3. The Persian program consists of six levels or courses while the English program comprises of five levels (Please see Programs & Tuition Fees for more details).

4. Regarding the Persian classes, students will be placed at Beginner or they will be given a placement test at the beginning of the language program and the results of this test will determine which course and level they will be able to attend. The fee for taking the placement test is 15$ for the first time and 50$ for repeating the test.


5. For international students, the final results of the Persian classes held by the International College will be recorded as their Persian course’s score in their grade report.


6. For Iranian students at TUMS International Campus, in the fields of Pharmacy and Dentistry, the final results of the English classes held by the International College will be recorded as their English course score on their grade report.

7. When applying, international students with IELTS academic band score of 5.5 (minimum) or a TOEFL iBT score of 69, once the authenticity of the certificate has been confirmed by the International College, will be exempted from taking the placement test or attending the English courses. Otherwise, students are required to participate in the placement test and attend the courses based on the results. Students who do not take the placement test will be placed in the lowest level, and the tuition fee will be determined accordingly.

8. Iranian students with IELTS band score of 5.5 (Academic) or a TOEFL iBT score of 69 are exempted from attending the English classes. The above-mentioned certificate must be valid and not expired at the time of registration, and its authenticity must also be approved by the International College.

9. Scholarship for Persian or English programs only covers each course once. That means that if a student fails a course or drop it, the next time they take that course again, scholarship will not cover it.



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