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Placement Tests


Placement Tests


1.   Once admitted to TUMS, students are required to take the placement test and participate in the language classes based on the results. Freshmen students and those who have not participated in the College placement tests yet, are required to pay $15 to participate in the exam. This amount is non-refundable.


2.   Retaking the placement test requires students to pay $50 (or the IRR equivalent) for international and Iranian students.


3.   Students may retake the English placement test only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

§ Only if there is at least a 3 months gap between the two tests. During this time the student is required to attend the classes regularly based on the previous placement test results.

§ Only if the student completes at least one of the proficiency levels specified in the College language program. There must be no gap in his/her attending the classes before the test.

4.   Students whose proficiency level has been determined but have not attended the classes cannot take the placement test again until they meet one of the conditions in Section 3.

Moreover, Students who have not attended the classes or have dropped the course due to excessive number of absences will not be allowed to retake the exam.

5.   Those whose level has been previously determined and have participated in the English classes but intend to retake the test, must pay $50, and the fee is non-refundable. (see Section 3)

  • Note 1: If students obtain a higher level, the recent test result will be counted.
  • Note 2: In case of obtaining a lower level, the Head of the Language Academy will make the final decision.

6.   Those whose level has been previously determined and have participated in the Persian classes regularly, but intend to retake the placement test, on the condition that they score at least 75 in class written exam, and also at least 80 in class oral exam, they can retake the placement test. It should be noted that retaking the placement test is only possible after the final exam of each level. The fee for retaking the placement exam is $50.

7.   Students who pass the cut-off score in the English/Persian placement test (determined by the Language Academy) must participate in a complementary test (Proficiency test) and if they pass the test, they will be exempted from language programs. The fee for the complementary test is $50, and it is non-refundable.


8.   Those who wish to object to the English test results immediately after the placement test (in the specified timeframe), will have to pay $50. The results will be verified and remarked and the student may need to retake some parts of the exam (if necessary). Providing that the placement test results change for better, the paid money will be deducted from the student's next semester tuition fee; otherwise, the fee is non-refundable.

Complaints regarding the placement test results need to be submitted to the college in writing no later than a week after the announcement of the results. Also students could submit their complaints about the placement test results up to the fourth session of the classes providing that they participate in all sessions, and this is conditional on the approval of the course professor.

When there is a complaint about one’s placement test results, and in case the college approves retaking parts of the test, there must be no more than one week between the two tests.



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