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Final Exams & Grading


Active participation in class discussions and the completion of all assignments are essential in obtaining a satisfactory standing. The final examination consists of two parts - written and oral. Taking the oral exam requires students to have scored at least 50 (out of 100) in class participation and 50 (out of 100) in the written exam.

The passing score for the oral exam is 50 (out of 100) as well. In case someone fails, he or she cannot retake the exam. 

In case a student does not attend the written exam, regardless of the reason, he/she may not retake the exam and will have to repeat the course. If a student does not attend the oral exam, if the absence is excused and providing that he/she has scored at least 60 (out of 100) in the written exam, he/she can retake the exam within the time frame specified by the college. Retaking the oral exam requires the student to pay $50.

In case a student fails the oral exam, if his/her mark in the oral exam is 40 or above and both of his/her marks in the class participation and the written exam are 65 or above, he/she can take part in an extracurricular Persian conversation classes. If the student passes the final exam in this course, he/she can study the next level, and in case of failure, he/she will have to repeat the same level.

  • The minimum number of students required for this class to be held is 4 and the maximum number is 10.
  • Each student is allowed to take these classes only once in each level.
  • Each course length is 20 hours and the tuition fee is 100$.


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