Guideline on Acquiring Exit and Re-Entry Permission

TUMS is the oldest and most well-known medical center in Iran, nationally as well as internationally. TUMS, as one of the country’s top research universities, accepts applications from the most qualified students. It also has the largest schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, rehabilitation, allied medical sciences, public health, advanced technologies in medicine, nutritional sciences and dietetics, and nursing and midwifery in Iran as well as a virtual school.

As an International Student, who is studying in a full time program at any university in Iran you should get permission for Exit-return prior of any fight booking or travel outside of Iran.

1. In order for facilitate this process, please follow the information below:


  1. Refer to the International Campus’s Office of Deputy for Education to receive the Exit and Re-Entry Form at least three weeks prior to your departure date.
    1. The form is also available to download from
    2. The form should be typed and filled completely with the information requested.
      • Regards to the reason for leave, please briefly explain your purpose of leave.
    3. If you are requesting an emergency leave for any medical condition or Family emergency please provide a supporting document for proceed the process in an urgent way.
  1.  It is the student’s responsibility to confirm his/her status with regard to have permission to exit the country. Students are advised to discuss issues such as mid-term holidays and other similar matters with the officers of the Office of Deputy for Education to gather the necessary information about their situation.
  1. Once the completed form has been signed and stamped by the International Campus’s Office of Deputy for Education, it will be referred to the Visa and Consular Affairs Office at the Directorate of International Affairs and Development, Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs in next working day automatically.
  1. After submitting your request for leave to the educational office please follow up your request to submit the needed documents (please see below) to the Visa and Consular Affairs Office. 


Address: No. 21, Dameshgh St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 1416753955, Iran.

Tel.: (+98 21) 8889 8531 or (+98 21) 8889 6694 - Ext.: 154-5


Hours for Submitting Documents: Saturdays to Wednesdays, 8:30 to 15:30


5. Required documents are as follows:

  1. Original passport
  2. Two ID pictures (size: 3x4 cm)
  3. Two copies of your passport’s information page (first page)
  4. Two copies of your residency permission
  5. Two copies of your Police Dept. ID Label (the barcode on your last page of your passport)
  6. Two copies of Completed Application form for Exit permission (available at TUMS Directorate of International Affairs and Development). All the information of the form should be typed completely and then printed out before submitting to the office.
  7. Deposit 20,000 Rials (2,000 Tomans) in to the Police department bank Account (2171151302005) in Meli Bank and submit the payment’s receipt with your documents to TUMS Visa Office.
  8. 20,000 Rials in cash (2,000 Tomans) for opening a file at the police department and issuance of a one-year permit

Note: The cost of issuing an Exit and re-Entry permit for a student’s spouse or children is 200,000 Rials (20,000 Tomans) for each passport.



6. After submitting your documents to the Visa and Consular Affairs Office, your Exit-Return permission will be prepared after 14 working days (Please do keep this in mind when booking your flight tickets, and preparing your travel documents), and your passport will be returned to you with the Exit stamp


7. The validity period of your exit visa is one month. In case the student does not exit the country during this time, he or she must refer to the Visa and Consular Affairs Office at TUMS Directorate of International Affairs and Development to extend the permission which last for 10 working days.


8. The length of your stay outside Iran using this permit is ONLY 3 MONTHS. Students need to return to Iran before the expiration of this time period. In case one’s stay exceeds this amount of time, the student needs to refer to Iran’s embassy in his or her country and repeat the process of acquiring an entry visa.



Please observe the following notice:


A. Keep in mind the necessary amount of time for acquiring an exit permit when reserving or purchasing your travel tickets. The exit permission usually takes about 14 working days to get issued by the Police office.


B. If your passport is nearing its expiration date, you need to renew your passport at your designated country embassy in Tehran, and then proceed with obtaining the residency extension stamp with the already expired passport. If your country does not have an embassy in Iran, you need to refer to the Visa and Consular Affairs office at TUMS Directorate of International Affairs and Development for consultation and further information.


C. In case you proceed with renewing your passport in your country of citizenship during your trip, you must have your old passport, containing previous residency stamps and student visa with you, in order to be able to return to Iran, and to transfer all legal permissions from your old passport to your new one.


Please, for consultation and further information refer to the Visa and Consular Affairs office at TUMS Directorate of International Affairs and Development.





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