M.Sc. in Midwifery (Community-Based Midwifery)


Midwifery, as known as obstetrics, is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (including care of the newborn), besides sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. In many countries, midwifery is a medical profession (special for its independent and direct specialized education; should not be confused with a medical specialty, which depends on a previous general training). A professional in midwifery is known as a midwife.



M.Sc. midwifery program is a combination of theoretical, practical and research education which has been developed to train committed and skilled professionals who possess scientific and practical knowledge in education, research and holistic midwifery services.


The Aim of the Course

M.Sc. midwifery program is one of the postgraduate medical science programs that aim to train skilled and committed midwives capable of providing managerial, educational, research, and clinical midwifery services to patients by using new midwifery concepts, understanding reproductive health needs of the society, and applying new management theories in different fields. Therefore, the graduates of this program are expected to contribute to the development of midwifery profession and the improvement of quality services by using the art of education and effective communication in accordance with the context of society.



The main mission of this program is to train committed and skilled professional midwives capable of providing specialized midwifery services in different field such as clinic, health, education, and research. In this mission, following factors must be considered:

1. Paying attention to students and teachers to gain the highest professional standard

2. Providing desirable midwifery services and required trainings

3. Providing managerial services regarding reproductive health

4. Obtaining scientific advances with continuous education

5. Creating favorable ground for scientific and research exchanges at national and international levels

6. Creating favorable ground for education at higher levels

7. Producing science and new knowledge through research, publication, translation, etc.



Considering vastness and daily promotion of standards of midwifery services that have been achieved in developed countries, it is expected that educational centers train capable professionals who possess minimum educational standards to respond to society’s need.



School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Department: Midwifery
Curriculum: Download
Major: Midwifery (Community-Based Midwifery)
Level: M.Sc.
Course Description: Students who complete the requirements of this program successfully will be given an M.Sc. in Midwifery (Community-Based Midwifery).
Course Duration: 4 semesters