Ophthalmology Summer Program


Program Description


This 6-day summer program is a theoretical and clinical course with emphasis on common eye problems encountered by general practitioners.

Theoretical Topics:

  • Basic Techniques of Eye Examination
  • Eye Semiology
  • Emergencies of the Eye
  • Common Diseases of External Eye
  • Eyelid & Lacrimal System
  • Refractive Errors
  • Strabismus & Amblyopia
  • Glaucoma
  • Common Diseases of Posterior Eye

Clinical Topics:

  • Eye Emergency Room
  • An Introduction to Optometry
  • An Introduction to Eye Surgeries
  • Retina and/or Anterior Segment Clinics

Students will have the opportunity to present their own research posters, network with peers and discuss cases with the experts.


Contact Person


  • Dr. Ramak Roohipour
  • Email: farabiadmission@tums.ac.ir
  • Tel: +98 21 5542 1001-2.
  • Website: farabieye.tums.ac.ir



Program Objectives


  • This six day certificate course is aimed at medical students, junior doctors and others who are interested in ophthalmology as a potential career choice to get familiar with common eye problems


Method of Instruction


  • Lectures
  • lecture-discussions
  • clinical observations


Program Location


Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology:Farabi is the first and the most important body in ophthalmology leadership in Iran. It is one of the biggest and highly equipped centers for treating eye diseases in the Middle East.

  • Farabi is the first and the most important body in ophthalmology leadership in Iran. It is one of the biggest and highly equipped centers for treating eye diseases in the Middle East.
  • We have various inpatient and outpatient departments and paraclinics. Chemistry Lab, Genetics & Ophthalmic Genetics Lab, Clean Room, Animal Lab, Nano-Ophthalmology Lab, and Proteomics Lab are actively engaged with and pursuing working on technological solutions to improve eye health and living conditions. More than 60 faculty members, 130 residents and fellows, 230 nursing staff and 60 optometrists, and such equipment as phacoemulcification, YAG and Excimer lasers, Femtosecond laser are available at the institute for performing surgical operations. (For more information, please refer to www.farabieye.tums.ac.ir)


Program Director(s)



Program Instructors


Please visit Farabi website for more info http://farabieye.tums.ac.ir/node/113


Numbers and Dates




Number Of Positions Offered 10
Program Duration 6 days
Program Start Date June 15, 2019
Program Finish Date June 20, 2019
Application Deadline March 30, 2019
Tuition Fee $500


Who Can Attend


  • General Medicine Students
  • Junior General Practitioners




  • English language proficiency


How To Apply


  • All applicants should apply online. Please note there is no in-person admission. You can fill in the Online Application Form and upload all the required documents at Online Application Form For more information on online application procedure please contact admission@tums.ac.ir

Visa Application


  • TUMS will assist you in obtaining your visa after you are admitted. All international students are required to obtain a student visa from the Iranian Consulate/Embassy in their home country before departing for Iran. After we receive your completed Visa Application Form (VAF), at least 6 to 8 weeks should be allowed for the completion of the visa application.Student will enter Iran with a one-month visa. After visiting their school and familiarizing themselves with the schedule and surroundings, students will be accompanied to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in order to extend their student visa (if necessary).



  • If you require accommodation, you will be given the opportunity to use our international dormitories located close to campus in Tehran at student rate.