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Undergraduate Programs

An undergraduate or a first-level university student is a student working toward an Associate, B.Sc., M.D., D.D.S., or Pharm.D. degree. We consider you an undergraduate applicant if you have graduated from high school and are applying to one of the above-mentioned degrees.



Program's Name Level
Anesthesia Technology B.Sc.
Doctor of Dentistry D.D.S
Doctor of Medicine M.D.
Health Information Technology (HIT) B.Sc.
History of Medical Sciences B.Sc.
M.Pharm./Pharm.D. M.Pharm./Pharm.D.
Medical Laboratory Sciences Associate and B.Sc.
Midwifery B.Sc.
Nursing B.Sc.
Oral Hygiene Technician Associate
Physiotherapy B.Sc.
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