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Hereby, interested students are invited to submit their request to apply for MARHABA project through this website.

MARHABA Project provides an opportunity for students of 5 Iranian universities including Amir Kabir University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, Iran University of Medical Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) to study in European partner universities, with the objective of developing further academic collaboration among EU and Iranian Universities.  



  • To promote and to foster mutual enrichment between the Partners through the exchange of people, knowledge and culture and to enhance the personal skills and employability of participating individuals;
  • To develop higher education teaching and learning capacities of partner universities in areas of policy and practice closely linked to their development priorities;
  • To provide students from vulnerable groups with further education and professional development and empowerment for leadership;
  • To promote cooperation between sending and hosting institutions, thus mutually enriching the educational environment of both;
  • To share responsibility and accountability in partnership and facilitating transfer of know-how and good practices;
  • To develop sustainable relationships beyond the end of the project;