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Cotutelle PhD Program Open Call Session Successfully Held at TUMS Headquarters


In the Cotutelle PhD Program Open Call Session held on February 26th, 2018, the Vice-chancellor for International Affairs Dr. Ramin Kordi, the Vice-chancellor for Research Dr. Mohammad Ali Sahraian, the Director of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking Dr. Mohammad Hossein Nekoofar, the director of Graduate Studies Dr. Mahmoud Ghazi Khansari and some of the Vice-dean for International Affairs of the TUMS schools were present.


Opening the session, Dr. Kordi explained the importance of Joint and Cotutelle PhD Programs as the vital steps for the internationalization of TUMS and emphasized that joint degrees, joint fellowships and Cotutelle PhD Program have occupied a significant part of the strategic planning for the next four years of Office of Global Strategies and International Affairs.


Dr. Nekoofar who was the main speaker of the event, within a 50 minute talk, explained what a Cotutelle PhD Program is, its privileges compared to Joint and Double Degrees, the eligibility criteria for TUMS students to take part in this program and the Cotutelle application process at TUMS.  He pointed out that though it might be challenging for students to do a Cotutelle PhD, it provides them with plenty of benefits such as having two pairs of eyes to supervise their thesis, receiving two degrees for submitting a single thesis, being able to use high-technology research tools in highly recognized international universities across the globe and getting the chance to know a second culture.


The Question and Answer Session started right after Dr. Nekoofar’s Talk. The vice-chancellors for Research and Internationalization took turns to answer the questions raised by the audience. Answering the questions, Dr. Sahraian emphasized that “the Vice-chancellors of Internationalization, Research and the representative of Vice-chancellor for Education are here to announce the strong support TUMS provides for the students and professors who are interested to do Cotutelle PhD Programs”.


The event successfully ended when the questions were fully answered by the panel members.


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Reported By: M. Davoodifar