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A workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education was held at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

A Workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Meanings, Benefits, Risks” was lectured by prof. Jane Knight from University of Toronto, Canada at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


In line with the Internationalization of Higher Education Seminar (IHE Seminar) which was held on April 29-30, 2017 at Tehran university of Medical Sciences (TUMS), the workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Meanings, Benefits, Risks” was held on May 2nd , 2017 at the central building of TUMS with the presence of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Nekoofar, Chairman of IHE Seminar, Dr. Enayat A. Shabani, Scientific Committee Chair of IHE Seminar and International Affairs officers along with Vice-dean of International Affairs of TUMS schools. It is notable that this workshop was led and run by the speech of Prof. Jane Knight, faculty member of University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Canada.


At first, Prof. Knight defined the concept of Internationalization with the implementation of International principles in her speech. She also presented some reports of International Association of Universities (IAU) about benefits and risks of Internationalization and attitude of Higher Education Institutes on internationalization categorized by region.


Following Prof. Knight’s lecture, the workshop participants and Prof. Knight had a reciprocal discussion. The Audience asked questions and presented the issues they were eager to know more about. All the questions were answered by Prof. Knight and she generously provided clarity about the raised issues.


It is worth mentioning that this workshop was held from 8-10 and hosted 47 participant. At the end of the workshop, participants received the certificate of participation of this workshop signed by prof. Jane Knight.



Reported By: T. Azadi
Photos By: M. Vahidi