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TUMS authorities had a meeting with First Secretary (Culture) of Embassy of India.

Dr. Nekoofar, TUMS Director of International Relations and Dr. Vatandoost, Head of Desk for International Cooperation between TUMS and India visited Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh, First Secretary (Culture) of Embassy of India in I.R. Iran and Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre (Indian Cultural Centre) on Monday 9th December 2019 in office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs.


Director of International Relations of the University made some suggestions to expand mutual cooperation with Indian Universities, including organizing reciprocal visits, exploring the possibility of creating a joint Iran-India Credit Fund (for Research Projects), holding joint seminars, identifying and introducing an authentic and reliable center for verification and certification of Indian applicants’ official educational documents received for admission to TUMS, and also exploring possibility of accreditation of some TUMS Schools by Indian Medical Council / Indian Dental Council with purpose of facilitating the evaluation and verification process of Indian Graduates’ educational documents after returning to India.

Dr. Kumar Singh also welcomed TUMS cooperation suggestions and emphasized that reciprocal visits would promote the development of bilateral relations. He also explained that it is possible to introduce a list of top Indian universities to TUMS for more fruitful academic cooperation in the future. Then he pointed out the brilliant history of Iranian physicians in the world as well as their popularity in India, adding that in case of holding a conference at TUMS, he will be ready to make arrangements of informing Indian universities to attend the conference.

Dr. Vatandoost introduced some of TUMS’ capabilities to initiate mutual collaborations with Indian universities and added that the School of Health of TUMS is ready to admit Indian students in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

At the end, it was agreed that presented suggestions at the meeting from both sides would be examined and followed up for expanding future collaborations.