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TUMS ISAA Selects Board Members

Members of the TUMS International Student Ambassadors Association (ISAA), with the aim of officially commencing their activities, chose the members of their board of directors.
On Saturday, October 14, TUMS ISAA members selected the members of their board of directors. These members include:
  • Leonard Emmanuel Mensah, President
  • Lindelwa P. Mmema, 1st Vice-President
  • Khalid Khadoura, 2nd Vice-President
  • Francan Felix Ouma, Secretary
Among other duties, these board members and all regular members have the responsibility of conducting online interaction with prospective applicants, especially from the ambassador’s country; conveying correct and current information about TUMS, Iran, and the student life experience in Iran; organizing student participation in university events; and  acting as a representative for international students from their own countries.
Ambassadors will be chosen yearly through an open election from among all TUMS international students, and board members will be selected via an election within the association.
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