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Celebrating Yalda Night at TUMS

GSIA is celebrating Yalda, setting up a Yalda table for you to come and join us!
The last night of autumn, which is also the longest night of the year, is known as Yalda Night in Iran, and celebrating this time has been established as an old tradition similar to several other neighboring countries. We celebrate this night by coming together with our loved ones and setting up a special Yalda Sofreh, or spread, including delicious nuts, exquisite candies, pomegranate and watermelon. We also read from Hafez's collection of poetries, and wish to experience a joyful winter ahead.
GSIA Yalda Table is set up at the International Student Affairs office, GSIA Dameshgh Building until this Wednesday, 20 December 2017. You are most welcome to come by, pay us a visit, take a photo with our decorations, and read from Hafez.
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