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TUMS Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor Meet the Armenian Ambassador

Artashes Tumanian, the Armenian Ambassador to Tehran, Visits TUMS Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Midwifery, and Meets Dr. Karimi and Dr. Kordi




During this meeting that took place on 24 December, 2018, Dr. Nekoofar, Director of International Relations, Accreditation & Ranking; Dr. Rezaei, Vice-Dean for International Affairs from the School of Medicine; Dr. Seylani, Vice-Dean for International Affairs from the School of Nursing and Midwifery, and Dr. Manukian, Head of the Office for Iran-Armenia Scientific Cooperation were also present at this event.


Dr. Karimi welcomed the Armenian delegation and started the meeting with introducing TUMS as the oldest and largest medical university in Iran, dating back to 160 years ago.


Afterwards, Tumanian introduced Yerevan State University as a hundred-year-old institute, which has lead a scientific and professional role in Armenia and possesses the potential for research and scientific collaboration.He also added that an estimated 2,000 international students are currently at Yerevan State University and 200 of them are Iranian natives.


Dr. Kordi continued the talks with giving a presentation of TUMS’s specific features and background, highlighting the fact that Tehran University of Medical Sciences is one of the most advanced universities in the region. He also pointed out that almost half of Iranian students in the field of medical subspecialty Ph.D. are studying at TUMS. He added the statistical facts of TUMS’s international students, whose number exceed 880 and come to this university from more than 48 countries.In the end, he declared TUMS’s readiness for collaboration with Yerevan State University in scientific and research fields.


Dr. Rezaei, Vice-Dean for International Affairs from the School of Medicine, carried on with indicating the amount of academic and research cooperation between the two countries in the past two decades and mentioned the fact that eliminating scientific borders between countries can be beneficial to all humanity.Furthermore, he referred to the 1st Congress of Immunodeficiency hosted by Armenia almost two months ago, which has been followed up seriously since then and will lead to scientific and academic exchange between Iran and Armenia. He also pointed out the MoU that was signed between TUMS and Russian-Armenian University.


At the end of the meeting, Dr. Rezaei asked the TUMS Chancellor and the Armenian Ambassador for facilitating the process of scientific interaction and exchange between the two countries.


To see glimpses of this meeting, please visit the photo gallery.


Reported by : M. Vahidi

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