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Discovery of the First Novel Pharmaceutical Molecule from Iran

TUMS experts discover and introduce first novel pharmaceutical molecule.


  • Please explain briefly about your drug.

The pharmaceutical molecule Mannuronic acid (M2000), with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, is the first novel pharmaceutical molecule introduced to the world by Iran. The discovery of the properties of this new molecule has been accomplished by Professor Abbas Mirshafiey, faculty member of School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). In 2000, the discovery of this pharmaceutical molecule was announced to Muenster University in Germany, and, in 2019, after 20 years and following four different clinical trials, continuous investigations with the cooperation of several countries including Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan led to the approval of the anti-inflammatory properties of this drug. This drug has received two patents and one PCT from Germany.

  • Please explain the usage of this drug.

As mentioned previously, Mannuronic acid (M2000) is a novel pharmaceutical molecule with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, which, after obtaining the legal approval from Food and Drug Administration of Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education, can be used in the treatment of patients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

  • When will this drug be presented?

Collectively, Mannuronic acid has passed its phase III clinical trial at the international level; therefore, it is expected that it at least needs 2 to 4 years in order to receive its legal approval from regulatory authorities of Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

  • What have been the roles of the school and university in this field?

Basically, I think that the roles of the school and the university are being responsible for the high quality education and training of their academic staff and students in an internationally standard level, in order to enable them to compete with their academic rivals in developed countries. Moreover, the university helps and supports colleagues, experts, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. students for approaching their scientific aims. Here, it is necessary to appreciate the important roles and scientific collaborations of associate professor, Dr. Nooshin Rastkari, laboratory supervisors Zahra Aghazadeh and Parvin Ekhtiari, likewise our dear students Mona Aslani, Saiedeh Omidian, Tahereh Bakhtiari, Sarvenaz Kashefi, Seyedeh Masoomeh Noorbakhsh Lamooki, and Seyed Shahabeddin Mortazavi-Jahromi, who have always been encouraged and led on by the School of Public Health’s educational assistant, and also other honorable coworkers including Dr. Afshin Ghaderi, Dr. Mohammad Javad Fattahi, Dr. Hossein Ahmadi, and Dr. Soheil Najafi.

  • Please explain your future plans.

God willing, our future plan is completing the residual process of this drug in in the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Moreover, evaluating the therapeutic effects of this drug in other autoimmune diseases and pathologic inflammatory reactions .


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