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General Information of TUMS D.D.S. Program


1-    About the Course


2-    Language of Instruction for D.D.S.  Students:

D.D.S. classes, in their early sessions, are held in English, but the rest of the D.D.S. program will be held in Persian.

The language of instruction at TUMS for international students is English both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. However, since some of the majors and programs at the undergraduate level require students to have interaction with patients who speak Persian, learning Persian could be obligatory for the students of those majors. These students are often M.D. and D.D.S. students but it is the Office of Admissions which specifies for which programs Persian or remedial English courses are obligatory or optional.

The Language Academy at TUMS International College immediately took charge of teaching Persian to TUMS international students in the first step and stopped outsourcing for this service. Regarding teaching English to TUMS students, staff and faculty members, the Academy undertook the instruction for some groups but still outsourced it for others, with a more thorough supervision on them. It is, however, going to take charge of the whole instruction by mid-2016 in a number of phases.


3-    Class Location:

 All your D.D.S. and Persian language learning classes will be held in Tehran, the capital of Iran.


4-    Duration of the Program:

D.D.S. courses last at least 5-6 years. The Semester-Based Curriculum of D.D.S. program is also available.


5-    Commencement of Studies:


For students who wish to attend the September 2016 program, complete applications should be submitted to TUMS not later than June 30, 2016.




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