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Requirements and Hiring Process


There are a few mandatory requirements that every prospective TUMS agent must meet before acquiring a certificate and starting his or her activities.


A. You must first submit a set of documents as listed below to the Division of Marketing and Development at the Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs:

· The scan of personal ID documents such as birth certificate, passport, National ID Card etc.

· Official documents confirming the applicant’s criminal clearance in the country where he or she aims to operate

· Official documents regarding the registration or incorporation of a company, under the name of which the agent will operate (The company must be in the agent’s name)

· Personal Photo for Certificate


B. All agents, after having submitted their documents, must attend a meeting with the Director of International Affairs and Development. For prospective agents who are outside Iran, it is possible to hold the meeting by means of telephone or Skype.


C. After the meeting, in case of approval, you will need to sign the TUMS International Marketing and Recruitment Agents Policy and the TUMS International Marketing and Recruitment Agents Contract. You will be informed of the processes for these activities in due time.


D. In the end, you will be awarded your agentship certificate with a set of advertising items. At this point, you can officially start your activities as a Certified TUMS International Marketing and Recruitment Agent.



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