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Ph.D. in Medical Virology

This Ph.D. program has been specifically designed for graduates who wish to develop their skills as virologists. The program aims to result in a significant level of theoretical and practical understanding, which will be important for those wishing to follow a career in clinical sciences or academic research and teaching. The current issues and concepts in medical virology will be explored and students will acquire the academic and practical skills necessary to make independent, informed judgments in relation to these issues.


Although instructional courses may be included in the training, this program is based on individual research projects, working with a specific academic supervisor (principle investigators). Applicants are specifically matched with a principle investigator based on their research interests and background.


Program Objectives:

The general goal of the program is to train independent researchers in this discipline. Students must conduct an original research project, learn to present their research findings at scientific conferences and publish them in peer-reviewed journals, be able to develop an original research hypothesis, and explain the methods used to experimentally validate the hypothesis. Students must have the required technical skills for a career as a researcher and must develop excellent critical thinking skills to interpret their results. At the end of the program and their subsequent postdoctoral training, students should be able to compete for research grants in the field of virology.



Courses 8 Credits 45:

Advanced General Virology Credits 4
Special Issues in Virology Credits 3
Systematic Virology 1 Credits 3
Systematic Virology 2 Credits 3
Practical Virology Credits 2
Seminar Credits 3
Bioinformatics Credits 3
Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination
Thesis Credits 24



4-6 years (full-time)


Who can Attend?

To be admitted as a regular student in the Ph.D. program, candidates must have an M.Sc. (in either Virology or Microbiology), M.D., D.V.M. or an M.Sc. in a discipline that is deemed relevant.


Contact Person:

Talat Mokhtar-Azadi


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