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TUMS Internal Meeting held to discuss about the LMS assigned to the project

TUMS managers gathered at TUMS International College to discuss about different opportunities available for choosing LMS


Following the activities done in order to installing the equipment and selecting appropriate software and LMS, a meeting was held with the presence of project managers and project experts at the TUMS International College on April 30, 2018.

During the meeting, Dr. Nekoofar, Iranian coordinator of the project, gave a brief overview of the project and then discussed the issues related to the topic of the meeting. Dr. Mojtahedzadeh also presented the LMS used by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical treatment, and listed its strengths and positive points. The software used by that ministry for conducting online tests was also discussed.

The university's IT department representative also explained the issues raised for installing the server, and provided additional descriptions in this regard.

In the end, it was negotiated to open the OPATEL Room officially with the presence of the project coordinator, Leipzig University in the most appropriate time.


Reported by OPATEL's Iran Coordinator's Office