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OPATEL Center was inaugurated at TUMS

Opening ceremony of the OPATEL center, the Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning, took place at TUMS International College on May 30, 2018.


With the presence of TUMS Vice-chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Kordi, TUMS Director of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking, Dr. M.H. Nekoofar, TUMS Director of International Affairs and Development, Dr. E. Shabani, Vice-dean of virtualization at TUMS Virtual School, Dr. S. Marashi, A representative from DAAD, (German Academic Exchange Service) and some other guests from TUMS, OPATEL center was inaugurated on May 30, 2018.


A presentation about OPATEL, performed activities and future pathway of the project were given to the audience and photos of different stages of the project implementation were shown.


In this ceremony, Online Exam Program which is developed by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, was demonstrated and guests were taken a sample electronic exam to get familiar with the features of this program.


In the End, mugs with a logo of OPATEL on it were given to participants as a memorial of this event.


Reported by OPATEL's Iran Coordinator's Office