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Writing an Academic Curriculum Vitae

You are kindly invited to attend a workshop which is going to be held at TUMS School of Dentistry on How to Write a C.V. & Motivation Letter, on 24 January 2015, at 14-17.

Course overview:

The curriculum vitae (CV) is the most significant document in your academic application packet. The CV is a running record of your academic and professional achievements and experiences. Whatever you choose to do after university, you will need to make a C.V. You need a CV for applying for a job, membership in an academic and professional organisation, applying for a research grant, applying for a scholarship for studying in a University. The “Writing an Academic Curriculum Vitae” workshop equips you with the information and skills needed for constructing an effective CV.

Course attendance:

This course is suitable for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Course timing:

24 Jan 2015

This course starts at 14 and will finish by 17.

Course Location:

Amphitheater at TUMS School of Dentisry, North Karegar St., Tehran

Course prerequisites:

  • Bring your C.V. with you

Course outline:

  • The differences between a C.V. and a Resume

  • Importance of a CV

  • Components of an academic CV

  • Characteristics of a good CV

  • Motivation letter

  • Cover Letter                                             

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding of what a C.V. and a motivation letter contains

  • Understand the purposes of each section of a CV

  • Identify how to construct an effective CV and motivation letter

  • Maximise the impact of your C.V.

  • Know how to prepare a covering letter for your C.V.