90 Kodiak Way #2721

Waltham MA 02451


Professional biography:

On August, 2017 Dr. Satake was presented with the TUMS Distinguished Visiting Professor Title for the duration of 2017-2020 by Head of Speech Therapy Department.


Research Interests:

  • Special Topics in Mathematics

  • College Algebra

  • College Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Intermediate Statistics

  • Mathematical Statistics

  • Real Analysis

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Calculus 1,2, and 3

  • Differential Equation

  • Business Mathematics

  • Research Methods in Communication


Top Selected publications

  • Page, R. & Satake. E (2017). Beyond P values and Hypothesis Testing: Using the Minimum Bayes Factor to Teach Statistical Inference in Undergraduate Introductory Statistics Courses, Journal of Education and Learning, Vol. 6, No. 4; 2017. ISSN 1927-5250 E-ISSN 1927-5269 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education. 

  • Maxwell, D.L., & Satake, E (2017). Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered by the p value? The Bayesian Alternative and Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders, American Speech-Language Hearing Association Access Academic & Research Journal (online), March issue.

  • Satake, E. (2016). An extended validity and reliability of Attitude towards Statistics Scale instrument: Attitude towards statistics among Japanese college students, Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College (JMETC), winter/spring issue.

  • Satake, E., Vashlishan-Murray, A. (2015). An Alternative Teaching Method of Conditional Probabilities and Bayes’ Rule: An Application of the Truth Table, Teaching Statistics, Spring issue 

  • Satake, E. (2015). Fundamentals of Clinical Decision Making Analysis for SLP and Audiologists: Evidence Based Approach, Plural Community, June.

  • Satake, E. (2015). A validity study: Attitudes towards statistics and course achievement among Japanese college students. New Jersey Mathematics Teachers Journal, 73 (1), 14-25.

  • Satake, E. & Vashilian-Murray, A. (2014). Teaching an application of Bayes’ rule for legal decision making: Measuring the strength of evidence. Journal of Statistics Education, 22(1). 

  • Satake, E. (2014). Evidence-based statistics for clinical professionals: What really prevents us from moving forward. Allied Health, Louisiana State University.

  • Satake, E. (2010). Moving forward to evidence based statistics: What really prevents us? Plural Community, August.

  • Satake, E. & Amato, P. (2008). An alternative version of conditional probabilities and Bayes’ rule: An application of probability logic. The AMATYC Review, 29 (2), 41-50.

  • Satake, E. & Jagaroo, V. (2008). Single subject designs and clinical neuropsychology: Statistical methods for clinical practice. Clinical Neuropsychology, 22(3).


During his presence at TUMS, he has visited the School of Rehabilitation. He is now consult in research at speech therapy department of that school.