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Practical Information








A. Who can apply?

Every medical sciences students are welcomed to join us.


B. How to apply?

In order to be a participant in our summerschool you should fill in the application form.Then you will receive an email confirming your primary registration, which asks you to send your motivation letter (max. words: 400 words) and CV.

You will be informed whether you are accepted or not within a week.


C. Deadlines for application and registration


Early registration deadline

20th  June 2014

Late registration deadline

After 20th June2014


D. Registration fee:


Early registration fee

250 Euro

Late registration fee

275 Euro

Optional trip to Isfahan

110 Euro




After you are informed about your acceptance you have to fill in the visa application form. You also need to send your CV and a scan of your passport. It takes 4-6 weeks for student visa to be issued.



Our international participants will be lodged at TUMS international residence halls. 

Our dormitories are two - or three- bedroom apartments. Most of the rooms are double occupancy and all rooms are furnished with beds, drawers, closets, desk, sofa set, and chairs consistent with the number of students in each room.


Each room is equipped with a Television set, and access to the internet via hard-wired data ports as well as wireless systems. 


Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen where students are able to cook, as well as a washing machine and ironing board shared among the student residents of the flat. Cleaning and maintenance is provided by trained personnel.




Girls' Dormitory

No. 55, Khedri St., between 13th and 15th Khedri St., Mirzay-e Shiraz Ave.,MotahariAve., Tehran, Iran.
Phone number: +98 21 88 34 04 35


No. 6, Hojjat-Doost St., South Felestin Ave., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran, Iran.

Phone number: +98 21 88 95 32 55



A. Arrival and departure

Since our first activity will take place in the afternoon on the 15th of August, it’s best to arrive at Tehran before noon. We will pick you up from the airport on your arrival.

If you are planning to join us on our post summer school program (i.e. 3 day trip to Isfahan) , you should arrange your departure from Tehran for 25th August evening. We won’t have any accommodation for you that night.     

If you have any difficulties or practical concerns in arriving or departure at the times mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us on:


B. How to get here?


  • By plane

          All international flights to Tehran land at the Imam Khomeini International Airport based 37 km southwest of Tehran.

  • By train

          Neighbor countries (Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) can get here by railways.

  • By Bus

          There are daily buses from Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.


C. Currency

The rial (IRR) is the currency of Iran, however prices are often quoted in toman. One toman is equal to ten rials. US$1 and €1 can get you about 30,000 and 40,000 rials respectively.

To get a sense of our currency it might be helpful to know that a BigMac will costs nearly 100,000 Rials or 10,000 Tomans!




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