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Social Program

Our Summer school is the perfect opportunity to explore Tehran, one of the most alive cities in the world.


We are confident that by participating in this summer course you will be able to discover several aspects of Iran and Iranian lifestyle including Persian culture, cuisine and our rich music.

We ensure you that we will make every single minute of your stay memorable.


In the evenings, we will entertain you with fun activities. We will make sure that you can discover every aspects of the nightlife of our wonderful city as well as its unique sightseeings.


The rest of the social program will remain secret until the summer of 2014!


Post summer school program:

We are going to visit the beautiful and historic city of Isfahan which is the 3rd largest city of is considered not only by the locals to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Isfahan,one of Iran’s main tourist attractions,dates back to 2500 years and used to be the capital of Iran in the period between 1587 and 1629.


Isfahan is known for its amazing art work and is called “half of the world” due to the fact that this city is home to some of the most impressive works of art as well as many well known historical sites.


Isfahan may be a complete manifestation of the Iranian-Islamic civilization, culture and arts that are as old as Iran herself.


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