Crown Lengthening as Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

TUMS School of Dentistry is now offering a training program, including lectures, hands-on work, live surgery, and question & answer course.



Program Objectives

At completion of training the attendance must gain a useful knowledge and understanding of:

  • Basic concepts of biologic width
  • Indications and contraindications of crown lengthening
  • Fundamentals of osseous and gingival plastic surgery
  • Planning and Conducting a crown lengthening surgery ( incision designs, full/split flap reflection, instrumentations, osseous respective techniques, suturing techniques)
  • Management of complications
  • Dealing with gummy smile and esthetic crown-lengthening


Application Deadline



Program Commencement & Duration

June - 4 days


Tuition Fee



Contact Information

TUMS International College


Tel.: (+98 21) 8897 0822



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