Yalda Night 2017
Prophet Muhammad and Imam Jafar al-Sadigh’s b...
Haraz Tour2017
Muharram Month 2017
Ardabil Tour 2017
National Botanical Garden Tour
Dorms Week Sport Competitions Closing Ceremon...
Vigil and Iftar ceremonies at Mirza Shirazi D...
Quran Exhibition
Iftar Ceremony at Kawthar Dorm
Small Goal Soccer Competition
Veterans grand conference
Sport competition at Kawthar Dorm
Sport competition at Narges Dorm
Sport competition at Mirza Shirazi Dorm
Sport competition at Razi Dorm
Sport competition at Hojat Doost Dorm
Kashan Tour 2017
Religious ceremony at Mirza Shirazi dormitory
Religious ceremony at Sara dormitory in Kish ...
International Day 2017
Abadadn Tour 2017
Tochal Tour for Boys Group (2017)
Abadan Tour 2017
Jamaran Tour 2017
Tochal Tour for Girls Group (2017)
Iranology Foundation 2017
Christmas Day Dec 25th,2016
Yalda Night Ceremony 2016
Qom and Jamkaran Tour 2016
Tehran excursion tour (2016)
Abyaneh 2016 (Girls)
Abyaneh2016 (Boys)
Religious ceremony in Mirzaye Shirazi (2)dorm
Yalda Night 2015
Arbaeen Day in Hojat doost dormitory
holy ceremony in Hojat doost dormitory (20th ...
White cloak ceremony for Iranian students (20...
Ardabil Tour (7th till 10th September,2015)
Iftar Ceremony in Azadi tower (14th July,2015...
Guds demonstration
Palestine Congress
International day
Students' Sport activities
Photo of The First Students’ Festival (Avei...
Photoes Of Students' Tour