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Robert Hill

Institute of Dentistry

Dental Physical Sciences Unit, 2nd Fl.

Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End

+44 (0)20 7882 5974



Professional biography:


Prof.‎ Robert Hill is the chair of Dental Physical Sciences, Barts and the London Medical School, at Queen Mary University of London.‎ He was also professor of biomaterials at department of tissue engineering, Imperial College of London during 1999-2009.‎ He received his PhD from Imperial College in 1984.‎ His research interests are bone cements and scaffolds, dental fillings, phase separation, spinodal decomposition, glass-ceramics, apatite glass structures and bioactive glass toothpastes.‎ He published over 300 original papers, patents and conference papers on the above subjects.‎ He is the recipient of the several awards including Queens award for technological achievement (1987)‎, Royal society media fellowship (1991)‎, University of limerick research prize (1996)‎, Amourer and Brasiers venture award (2013)‎ and Alan Wilson memorial prize (2013)‎.‎ He could also successfully develop several cement, machinable glass-ceramics and toothpastes which some of them currently have FDA and MDA approval and are in clinical use.‎

On October 1, 2014 certificate of visiting professorship was granted to Prof. Robert Hill, authorizing him to cooperate with TUMS in the fields of teaching, publishing joint papers in valid global journals, holding joint seminars, etc.


Research interests:


My research interests include; Bioactive Glasses Glass (ionomer) Polyalkenoatecements, Glass-ceramics, Materials for Hard Tissue Restoration. Apatites Characterization of apatites, glasses and glass polyalkenoate cements using solid state NMR. I am currently working on new biodegradable cements for use as a degradable bone glue.
I established recently the Campus company Bioceramic Therapeutics that is based on strontium releasing bioactive glasses that stimulate osteoblasts and inhibit osteoclasts.
I am the UK representative of Technical Committee 4 of the International Congress of Glass that deals with glasses for Medical Applications and I am also the UK representive on Technical Committee 7 that deals with Nucleation and Crystallisation of Glass.


Most significant publications:


Mneimne M, Hill RG, Bushby AJ and Brauer DS (2011). High phosphate content significantly increases apatite formation of fluoride-containing bioactive glasses. Acta Biomater  vol. 7, (4) 1827-1834.10.1016/j.actbio.2010.11.037

Fredholm Y, Karpukhina N, Law RV and Hill RG (2010). Strontium containing bioactive glasses: Glass structure and physical properties. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids  vol. 356, (44-49) 2546-2551.10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2010.06.078

Gentlemen E, Fredholm Y, Jell G, ODonnell MD, Lotibakhshaiesh N, Stevens MM and Hill RG (2010). ?The effects of strontium substituted bioactive glasses on osteoblasts and osteoclasts in vitro?. Elsevier  Biomaterials  vol. 31, (14) 3949-3956. 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2010.01.121

O'Donnell MD, Watts SJ, Law RV and Hill RG (2008). Effect of P2O5 content in two series of soda lime phosphosilicate glasses on structure and properties ? Part I: NMR? Elsevier  J. Non Cryst. Solids  vol. 354, (30) 3554-3560. 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2008.03.034




Professor Robert Hill had two visits during Sebtember 2014 and December 2015 of TUMS. During Professor Robert Hill’s presence, TUMS and Queen Mary University of London signed three agreements of sistership, faculty exchange and student exchange in school of advanced technologies in medicine on 01 October 2014.

In his second visit, he had a meeting with steering commitee of school of advanced technologies in medicine. He also had visited TUMS Core Facility on January 2,2016. 



Moreover, he met with educational vice-dean of school, exchanging ideas on improving quality of educational programs and joint programs on January 3,2016.



Professor Robert Hill was invited as the visiting professor in a short course for tissue engineering during 27-29 September 2014 which was held by School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences  in cooperation with Queen Mary University of London and Stem Cell Technology Research Center.



Prof Robert Hill as the chair of dental physical sciences give a lecture on the subject of "Bone Grafting in Dentistry" in Stem Cell and Regerative Dentistry in Oral and Craniomaxiofacial Disease Seminar on December 31, 2015. This seminar was held by school of dentistry and The Craniomaxillofacial research center of TUMS.

He delivered a speech on “From Idea to Product” at presence of faculty members, sharing his experiences on establishment of spinoff companies on January 2, 2016.

Professor hill also taught topics on tissue engineering to PhD students of the field on January 3, 2016.


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Hopes for the Visiting Professor Programme:


During his visit, Professor Hill talked to students on research projects being implemented and expressed happiness over students’ interest in making progress. In addition, in a meeting with heads of the school of advanced technologies in medicine, they discussed fields of mutual collaboration between two schools and methods of providing budget for establishing spinoff companies.  


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