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The report of healthy aging- geriatric by Dr. Seyed Mohammad kazemeyni

The report of healthy aging- geriatric by Dr. Seyed Mohammad kazemeyni
Final Sabbatical Leave Report Form


Name : Seyed Mohammad
Surname : kazemeyni
From : Thursday, September 26, 2019
To : Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Position : Professor
School/Research center : School of Medicine
subject : healthy aging- geriatric
Venue : Toronto healthy aging services
Sabbatical Leave Period : 3 months
Country : Canada
1.Brief summary of Leave :

To improve services and research in our geriatric center, I visited Canadian geriatric services and institutions. Canada in this field is one of the pioneer countries in

the world. The institutions includes universities hospitals Geriatric assessments units , active living centers, rehab , research centers , and participated geriatric

conferences and rounds. I also had some meetings with administrative persons in this filed and scientific organization. I could complete the proposal of Saba

senior health project. Dr Vahid Sahiholnasab (FRCP,ABGM) who is a geriatrician guide and supervised me kindly.

2.List the objectives of your sabbatical leave as listed in your proposal and indicate how completely they were met :

I had the chance to communicate and visit the people and organization in different levels that engaged of old adult programs in Ontario. The National Institute

on Ageing is a Ryerson University think tank focused on the realities of Canada’s ageing population. In that institute programs are led by experts and

practitioners in the fields of financial security, healthcare delivery, and public policy. They founded on the strongest available evidence and original research.

It is interesting that Ontario state has ministry of senior and disability. The goals of this ministry are helping seniors stay safe and independent, active,

and socially connected and making Ontario more accessible to everyone and promoting the benefits of age-diverse. This ministry has made and published

a guide for programs and services for seniors that cover every thing which they are need Toronto has a Regional Geriatric program (RGP) . I had an

informative visit with Dr. Barbara Liu, Executive Director of RPG organization that support a network of 135 specialized geriatric service teams across

23 organizations. These specialized services are provided by interprofessional teams of highly skilled health professionals in a variety of settings.

Specialized geriatric services (SGS) are a range of health care services, which use a comprehensive geriatric assessment to diagnose, treat and

rehabilitate older adults living with frailty (or those at risk of becoming frail) with complex and multiple medical, functional, and psychosocial issues.

SGS are provided on a consultative basis by interprofessional teams of health professionals in a variety of settings, including home, hospital,

outpatient, and long-term care. The goal of specialized geriatric services is to reduce the burden of disability by detecting and treating reversible

conditions and recommending optimal management of chronic conditions There are some models of SGS in RGP in toronto: • Geriatric Outreach

Teams: Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in the older adult’s home or long-term care home are conducted by one or two healthcare

professionals in geriatric medicine, nursing, social work, psychiatry, physiotherapy, or occupational therapy. Other health professionals may

be involved if needed. • Geriatric Outpatient Clinics: Clinics led by geriatricians, who provide a comprehensive geriatric assessment, care

planning, and treatment • Specialty Clinics/Programs which are focused on a specific issue, such as mental health (including memory and mood),

pain, falls prevention, and care after being hospitalized. • Geriatric Day Hospitals programs are recommended for frail older adults living in the

community who need to improve their functional ability following discharge from hospital or who are at risk of a hospital admission because of

complexity. Older adults attend the day hospital once or twice a week until their goals are achieved. I visited three important hospitals which

active for geriatric services and participated in their scientific conferences and rounds. The visited hospital include: Mount Sinai , Sunnybrook

and Baycrest. In my opinion Baycrest hospital is very interesting because it is academic and a comprehensive geriatric services. it is affiliated

to Toronto University. This complex include Apotex Centre which provides long-term care, hospital , outpatient clinics, adult day programs,

rehabilitation center, and educational and research center ( with name of Rotman). I had a meeting with Dr. David Conn Vice-President,

Education & Director of the Beycrest and he connected me to their scientific rounds. I could participated rounds and there were very useful.

The Baycrest researches and educational programs focuses on Brain Health and on innovation in the mental aging. I also could visited some

other institutes and academic center that has focused gerontology. I visited the Institute for Life Course & Aging affiliated to University of

Toronto and the admin of it helped me to connect some of scientific programs of this center. The Mandate of this institute has two principal

mandates: • To facilitate interdisciplinary research on the biological, psychological and social dimensions of the life course and aging; •

To provide graduate and post-graduate education on the life course and aging. Another older adult services that I visited in Toronto was

the North York Seniors Center. In this active living center (ALC) there are many activities, classes, and services offered to encourage adults

aged 55 years and older to be active, healthy and socially connected assistance to live safely and independently in their own homes.

There is a day away club In this center that Provides older adults with physical frailties or cognitive challenges an opportunity to socialize,

be active and have fun in a safe environment. The activities in this ALC are: • Arts and culture programs • Fitness Centre and classes •

Health and wellness services • Lifelong learning classes • Multicultural social groups • Recreation and leisure activities • Special events and

travel opportunities Finally Dr vahid present me to The Canadian Geriatrics Society (CGS) and I had a meeting with Dr lberman that I had

a good information about Canadian geriatrics.

3.Acheivements(Publications,research, :

I could complete the proposal of Saba senior health project that it is a Community based Trial : Effectiveness of an Multidimensional

Interventional Package on Health Promotion of Older Adults in Yazd

4.Assessment of Value of Sabbatical leave(benefits,faculty development,future professional activities,...) :

It was good opportunity for me that during founding and organizing a healthy aging center

and prepare a package of geriatric services have a sabbatical in a pioneer country in this field. And I think everybody who want to go 

sabbatical should follow a specific subject. 

Additional material may be attached in response to the above summary :گزارش.pdf
Department Head/Research Center Chair : Dr Vahid Sahiholnasab


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