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The report of Sports Medicine (Knee OA and Obesity) by Dr. Zahra Alizadeh

The report of Sports Medicine (Knee OA and Obesity) by Dr. Zahra Alizadeh
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Final Sabbatical Leave Report Form

Name : Zahra
Surname : Alizadeh
From : Saturday, June 5, 2021
To : Sunday, June 5, 2022
Position : Associate professor
School/Research center : School of Medicine
subject : Sports Medicine (Knee OA and Obesity)
Venue : Nottinghyam Universit
Sabbatical Leave Period : 12 months
Country : United Kingdom
1.Brief summary of Leave : Establishing international research projects at Nottingham University. The most important one was 'the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with knee osteoarthritis and obesity.
2.List the objectives of your sabbatical leave as listed in your proposal and indicate how completely they were met : Carry out research entitled: Knee Osteoarthritis and Obesity Management (In progress in Iran and UK).
3.Acheivements(Publications,research, : Starting two research projects including 'knee osteoarthritis and obesity management' and ' Risk of ankle injury evaluation in GB teams'. - Writing two case reports including 'Thigh Claudication in a Professional Cyclist' and 'Arthropathy in a Patient with Psoriasis Disease'. - Writing a research article: 'Physical activity evaluation in recreational runners' - Writing a review article: 'Metformin and pain' - Participating in routine journal clubs, - Attending sports injuries and sports rehabilitation clinics.
4.Assessment of Value of Sabbatical leave(benefits,faculty development,future professional activities,...) : Multicenter research projects are precious in different specialities, specifically high-tech fields such as sports rehabilitation. We have some centers all over the world that are very modern in sports injury treatment; one of them is located in the UK at Nottingham University. Starting international research projects helped us to collaborate more with our colleagues at the mentioned center; in addition, we can educate our registrars in a better way now. Furthermore, we can do several potential research projects and hold congresses on common topics in the future.
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Department Head/Research Center Chair : Dr. Stefan Kluzek
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