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About Sabbatical leave


Facuty Members should proceed 3 months before for Sabbatical Leave if they have all required terms. 


You can read the Sabbatical Leave Guidline with Clicking below.

There are 4 stages for Sabbatical Leave Period as follows:


Stage 1- After taking admission of a valid Abroad Center for Sabbatical Leave, you should log in and complete the Preliminary Sabbatical Leave Form.

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Preliminary Sabbatical Leave Form


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Stage 2- It is paied 3 months charges before dispatching for Sabatical Leave. There is a form to fill out for this purpose.

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Budget Sabbatical Leave Form


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Stage 3- If you need to extend the Sabbatical Leave, you should fill out the Sabbatical Leave Form for Extension. 


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Sabbatical Leave Form for Extension


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Stage 4- Final Sabbatical Leave Form needs to fill out after finishing period. the required documents and reports is needed for completing the final form.

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Final Sabbatical Leave Form


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